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About Drumconrath GFC

Drumconrath GFC (Naomh Peadair Droim Conrach CLG) is a Junior Gaelic Football club hailing from Meath’s most northerly village of the same name. We were 1st formed in 1886 and for the most part have a continued history from then. The club did disband a few times over the years due to lack of numbers and there were a few short amalgamations with our Parish brethren Meath Hill over the 128 years since 1st documented evidence that Gaelic Football was played in our Parish.

At underage we amalgamate with Meath Hill and play under the Parish rule which is still steadfast in Meath. We affiliate under the name of Drumconrath/Meath Hill. The ages that represent the club a Under 8,10,12,13,14,15 & 16. In recent years we have also joined with Kilmainhamwood at Under 17 & 18 and compete as North Meath Gaels. Also in 2014 for the 1st time we have combined with Meath Hill to play Under 21 Football.

Drumconrath GFC field 2 adult teams in Meath Championship and Leagues playing at Junior A and Junior D grades and In the All County A League Division 3 and the All County B League Division 5 and our home is Pairc Naomh Peadair on the Slane Road out of our Village.


Drumconrath have won 3 Junior Football Championships in 1928, 1963 and 1996. The A League Division 3 was also won in 1996 with Division 4 & 5 League titles won in 1987 and 1994. A B League Division was won in 2000.

The club made the Intermediate Football Championship Final in 2006 only to lose by a single point to Rathkenny and that same year the League Final seen the same two clubs fight it out with Rathkenny again emerging victorious by another 1 point margin this time after extra time


1996 is fondly remembered as one of the best years in our Club when the League and Championship double was secured captained by Shay Durnin.


1996 REVISITED (Memories of the Showgrounds 1996)


Back in Nineteen Ninety Six,

On a bright November Day,

Two team, one Red & one of Blue,

To the Showgrounds made their way,

The Supporters came in crowds,

From the very North of Meath,

Where the colour of your jersey,

Is more important than your creed.


Drumconrath were the favourites,

The underdogs Meath Hill

On this unique occassion,

Such excitement, such a trill,

Pictures were abound,

Of underage teams of yore

Players stood shoulder to shoulder

But today an end to lore.


The crowds from County Meath did come

in buses, cars and vans

As also did our neighbours

From Cavan, Louth and Monaghan.

They heard of how the blood did spill

In matches over keen

But no card none Red or Yellow

Was in this great Final seen.


The match was in the balance

Throughout the whole game

'Till young James from Summerhill

Made history of his name,

It started from a free

Took by Ollie on the ball,

Pete took up the running

And passed it onto Paul

A hop and a solo

And on it goes to Jim

He placed the ball so perfectly

And gauranteed our Win.


Our heros down in history

We never can forget

Stephan he stood tall and strong

He gaurded our net.

Cathal, young and what a star

With Kevin never slow

And Hogsie shouting orders

To keep them all in tow.


Derek held the dangerman

Ollie was a vital joint

And Shots who never will

Let us forget his wonder point.

Paddy was the Legend,

With Hickey by his side,

Those two did trojan work,

To hold back the Blue tide.


Wayne was doing super work

Shane was anothe star

With Pete involved in every score,

Boylan called him to the bar

Paudie was a star all year

Wesley is forever Red

Shay Durnin raised two while flags

And the Cup above his head.


We all remember Fitzer

How he brought along his cone

Noel and Seamus did selection

They where never off the phone

Martin and Peter held the reins that year

Our Committee all about

Remembering too as we always do

The past players who missed out.


Every member of the panel

Including Leighton the sub

Are poudly in the picture

That hangs in Dempsey's Pub.

Our taughts go back to Meath Hill

And the gallant part they played

In that unique Junior Final

In Pairc Tailteann on that Day

Copyright © 2013. Drumconrath GFC Rights Reserved.